Rangers on the Rampage by Robert Taylor

Rangers on the Rampage by Robert Taylor

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The main print Rangers on the Rampage depicts a Mosquito raid on a German airfield deep into Germany. Often flying long range at tree top height, the rampaging Mosquitos were difficult to detect often arriving over their target with complete surprise. Each print is signed by six Mosquito pilots and comes with a companion print.

The RAF Edition companion print is "Moonlighting" featuring a Beaufighter night fighter. The RAAF Edition comes with companion "Shipping Strike" Beaufighters attacking coastal shipping.

 Editions Available:

  • RAF Limited Edition set
  • RAF Artist Proof set
  • RAAF Limited Edition set
  • RAAF Artist Proof set

Print Size, 32" x 23", companions Moonlighting 13" x 18", Shipping Strike 17" x 13".


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