Rangers on the Rampage by Robert Taylor

Rangers on the Rampage by Robert Taylor

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This is the Canadian issue of "Rangers on the Rampage" which was accompanied with a companion print "Mosquito Sting" The companion print Mosquito Sting is again like Rangers one of the few Mosquito theme prints RT has done and is one of the best.

The main print Rangers on the Rampage depicts a Mosquito raid on a German airfield deep into Germany. Often flying long range at tree top height the rampaging Mosquitos were difficult to detect often arriving over their target with complete surprise. The companion print again of Mosquitos shows another successful Mosquito raid. The Mosquitos completed many very dangerous missions deep into Germany including many raids on Berlin, relying on low altitude and speed to succeed. 

The main print is signed by John "Cats Eyes" Cunningham, Ivor Broom, Terry Kearns and Ted Sismore. The companion print is signed by Moose Fumerton and Russ Bannock. All signatories who flew Mosquitos.



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