Ploesti the Vital Mission by Robert Taylor

Ploesti the Vital Mission by Robert Taylor

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"Ploesti - The Vital Mission" A third of the German oil supplies came from Ploesti deep in Rumania and beyond Allied bomber range from Europe. Only one option to attack was available, a 2,000-mile round trip from North Africa without fighter cover.

Bulgarian fighters picked up the incoming raid and warned the Ploesti defense, the incoming B-24 Liberators were met with intense 88mm ground fire as the oil installations erupt in fire from the heavy bombing. The surviving B-24's had to endure a running battle often at treetop height with 400 enemy fighters. 1760 men set out on the raid and 530 failed to return.

The Ploesti print is signed by five pilots who took part in the raid, Ramsey Potts, Bob Sternfels, Keith Compton, Phillip Ardrey and Bill Cameron. The Publishers Proof Edition comes with a companion print "One of the Lucky Ones". The print is signed by a further two participants in the raid.

Editions Available:

  • Publishers Proof with companion
  • Artist Proof
  • Limited Edition
  • Presentation Copy

Print Size 34" x 25" companion 24" x 18"

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