Operation Chastise by Robert Taylor

Operation Chastise by Robert Taylor

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"Operation Chastise" The night they breached the Dam! Led by Guy Gibson nineteen  Lancasters of 617 squadron attacked Ruhr Valley Dams. The attack used an innovative " Bouncing Bomb" developed by Barnes Wallis. The 10,000lb bouncing bomb was released at precisely 60' and bounced on the water towards the dams rolled down the dam wall and exploded. 

The raid was a great success and a terrific moral builder for the British public. Of the nineteen Lancaster's that joined the raid eight would not return with a loss of 54 crew members.

The "Collectors" edition comes with a companion print "Green on Go". The Collectors edition is signed by George Chalmers, Ray Grayston, Dudley Heal, Edward Johnson, Ken Brown, George Johnson, Joe McCarthy, Grant McDonald, Stefan Oancia, David Rogers, Fred Sutherland and Dan Walker all these 12 pilots and crew flew on the raid. Green on Go is signed by Norman Boorer who worked as part of Barnes Wallis team designing the bomb. SOLD

The "Aircrew" edition includes the main print signed by George Chalmers, Edward Johnson, Ray Grayston, Dudley Neal and George Johnson for six pilots and crew who flew in the raid. Still available

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