No Turning Back by Robert Taylor

No Turning Back by Robert Taylor

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In November 1943 Bill Reid headed out for a night to bombing attack on Dusseldorf. After crossing the coast of Holland they were hit by an Me110 Night Fighter. The windscreen was shattered, a wing damaged making the Lancaster difficult to control. Reid was injured in the head, shoulders and hands, he continued towards the target. Over Geramany they were attacked again by a Fw190.

Bill Reid was injured again; the navigator and wireless operator were killed. The heating and communications failed and only the rear turret was operational. Reid continued towards the target having memorized the route. After successfully bombing the target navigating by the Polar Star, Bill Reid severely wounded and losing consciousness due blood loss brought the Lancaster home.

For not turning back despite multiple injuries and problems with the Lancaster, Bill Reid was awarded the Victoria Cross. The Bombers Command Edition Publishers Proof is signed by twelve RAF pilots and crew including Bill Reid. It comes with two companion prints. "Two Minutes to Target" signed by ACM Lewis Hodges and "Crossing the Coast".

The Victoria Cross Portfolio Remarque also includes a matted print "Over the Dortmund Ems Canal" with the signature of Rod Learoyd in the matting. 

Editions Available:

  • Bomber Command Publishers Proof with "Two Minutes to Target" and "Crossing the Coast"
  • Victoria Cross Portfolio Remarque with "Two Minutes to Target", "Crossing the Coast" and "Over the Dortmund Ems Canal"

Print Size, 32" x 23", Two Minutes 20" x 16", Crossing 17" x 12" Dortmund Ems 12" x 10"

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