Milne Bay by Robert Taylor

Milne Bay by Robert Taylor

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Following the stale mate at the Battle of the Coral Seas in May 1942, the Japanese realized they could not take Port Moresby in New Guinea. To take it they would have to take the natural harbor of Milne Bay on its flank. Australian troops aided by American engineers started construction on three airfields. This allowed the RAAF to land two squadrons of Kittyhawks and a squadron of Hudson when the first airfield was completed.

On August 22, 1942, the Japanese landed an invasion force in Milne Bay. The Australian Army bitterly contended the landing force in a fierce battle. They were aided by The Kitty Hawks and Hudsons flying continued sorties strafing and bombing the Japanese. 

After eleven days of bitter fighting the invasion was halted, and the Japanese forced to withdraw. The victory was a major step in thwarting Japanese intentions of invading Australia.

The Collectors Edition Publishers Proof is signed by eight RAAF pilots. The print comes with a companion print "Patrolling the Top End" which is signed by Gough Whitlam former Australian Prime Minister. Gough Whitlam flew in an RAAF Lockheed Venture on submarine patrol and shipping escort.

Print Size, 25" x 19", companion 19" x 15"

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