Jet Hunters by Robert Taylor

Jet Hunters by Robert Taylor

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Resolute to destroy the last hope of the Luftwaffe, the Me262. In April 1945 thirteen hundred USAAF bombers attacked the remaining Luftwaffe airfields. As the bomber stream headed for home a force of 50 Me262 which had managed to take off attacked them.

The Me262's streaming through the bombers firing their cannons were intercepted by the escorting P-51 Mustangs. A Mustang flown by Wayne Gatlin positions himself behind an Me262 which had infiltrated the boxed B-17's. Gatlin would down the 262 one of a few downed that day.

The Pilots Edition and companion "Black November Day" are signed by twelve Luftwaffe and USAAF Aces including, Luftwaffe Erich Rudorfer, Walter Schuck and Hans-Ekkehard Bob. USAAF, Wayne Gatlin, Don Cunningham and Wayne Coleman all of whom shot down Me262's.

The Jet Hunters Edition also including "Black November Day" is signed by an additional six pilots including Urban Drew.

The Tribute Edition includes a matted copy of "Black November Day" with an additional seven signatures, including Roscoe Brown (Tuskegee Airmen) Adolf Galland, Johannes "Macky" Steinhoff and Walter Krupinsky.

Editions Available:

  • Double Remarque
  • Tribute Edition
  • Jet Hunters Edition
  • Artist Proof
  • Pilots Edition

Print Size, 34" X 24", companion 25" x 17" matted companion 27" x 22"

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