Hell Hawks over Utah by Robert Taylor Double Remarque

Hell Hawks over Utah by Robert Taylor Double Remarque

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Hell Hawks over Utah depicts P-47's of the 387th fighter wing (Hell Cats) over Utah beach on D-Day. In a fighter bomber roll the P-47's are equipped with two 1,000lb bombs below the wings together with 5" rockets and eight .50 machine guns to soften up targets during the initial landings. 

The 387th Hell Cats of the Ninth Airforce supported the ground troops all the way through Normandy the Battle of the Bulge and onto victory over the Rhine. The Collectors Edition Double Remarque print is signed eleven pilots who flew with the 386, 387 and 388th Fighter Groups. Michael Cannon, Bill McChessney, John Fetzer, Ralph Kling, Jay Harrington, Allen Mundt, Herb Prevost, Ton Stanton, Lavern Alcorn, Carl Riggs and Matt Rupert. 

The print comes with a matching number companion print "Plans and Preparations" depicting ground crews readying P-47's.

Print Size, 30" x 24" 

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