Greatest Day by Robert Taylor Double Remarque

Greatest Day by Robert Taylor Double Remarque

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Goering was running out of time to defeat the RAF and open the door for the invasion of Britain. The Luftwaffe wrongly assumed the RAF was on its knees. On 15th September 1940, in what became known as the greatest day the Luftwaffe attacked London. Fighter command with more time was able to harry the Luftwaffe all the way to London and for the first time use the "Big Wing"

The Big Wing lead by Douglas Bader consisted of a combined five RAF Squadrons, they hit the bomber formations over London as their fighter escort was forced to return to France due to low fuel. The Luftwaffe bombers were on their own and left to fend for themselves. The print shows Bader attacking a Do17, one of 60 Luftwaffe planed downed that day. This defeat forced the Luftwaffe to change tactics and bomb at night it what became known as the Blitz.

The 75th Anniversary edition is signed by Adolf Galland, Tom Neil, Tony Pickering, Ken Wilkinson, John Elkington, Gunther Rall, Richard Summer, Terry Clark, Bob Hughes and Archie McInnes.

Print Size, 33" x 25"

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