Glorious Summer by Robert Taylor Millenium Proof - Remarque

Glorious Summer by Robert Taylor Millenium Proof - Remarque

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The Hurricane was the mainstay of the RAF during the Battle of Britain, it was tough and capable of taking a lot of punishment. The print shows Hurricanes of RAF 56 Squadron, taking off for their third scramble of the day.

Coming off quick victories in Poland, France and the Low Countries the Luftwaffe expected an easy victory over the RAF in the Battle of Britain which started in July 1940. Due to the bravery of the RAF pilots, good planning and the help of radar they were effectively beaten in the Battle of Britain by September.

The Millenium Edition is signed by 19 RAF fighter pilots who flew Hurricanes during the Battle of Britain including, Pete Brothers, Chris Currant, Dennis David, Billy Drake, Paul Farnes, Gordon Sinclaire, John Ellacombe, Tom Neil, Peter Parrot and Alan Murray.

The Millenium Edition comes with a matching number companion print "Hunters of the Night" signed by John Cunningham and Edward Crew.


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