Gathering of Eagles - Aces High Edition by Robert Taylor

Gathering of Eagles - Aces High Edition by Robert Taylor

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Very rare, matted pencil edition of Gathering of Eagles (9/35). B-17's returning from a raid over Germany escorted by Mustang P51's. As they approach the channel, they are joined by Spitfires to ward off attacking FW190's. Having endured heavy flak from ground defenses a damaged B-17 trailing smoke come under attack from determined Fw190's.

The print is signed by seven Luftwaffe, USAAF and RAF pilots, in the matting are the signatures of Peter Townsend, Gunter Rall and Carroll McColpin. Carroll McColpin joined the American Eagle Squadron flying with the RAF. He was an outstanding fighter pilot and a double Ace before Pearl Harbor, McColpin was the first American to be decorated by King George VI.

Also included in the matting are museum quality reproduction Luftwaffe, USAAF and RAF wings.

Matted Print Size, 27" x 23"

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