G for George by Robert Taylor - Commanding Officers Edition

G for George by Robert Taylor - Commanding Officers Edition

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"G for George" Commanding Officers Edition with companion print "Under the Bridge" Flying with 460 RAAF, Lancaster W4783 call sign "G for George" completed 90 Bombing Missions mostly over Germany.  At the end of the war 460 RAAF Squadron had flown the most sorties, dropped the highest bomb tonnage, suffered the most casualties and been awarded the most decorations of any squadron in Bomber Command. G for George restored, proudly resides in the Australian War Memorial in Canberra Australia.

The companion print "Under the Bridge" depicts Wing Commander Peter Isaacson flying Lancaster "Queenie VI" under the Sydney Harbor bridge having "beaten up" the city while promoting war bonds. Peter Isaacson completed 45 missions including 16 as a Pathfinder.

The main print is signed by sixteen Australian airmen who flew on G for George and Air Commodore, Horton (Spike) Marshall who was the 460 RAAF squadron Commanding Officer during Georges operational sorties. The matching number companion print "Under the Bridge" shows Peter Isaacson flying a Lancaster under the Sydney Harbor Bridge, the print is signed by Peter Isacson.

Editions Available:

  • Commanders Edition Publishers Proof
  • Commanders Edition Artist Proof

Print Size, 27" x 21" companion print 15" x 20"


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