Eagles Prey by Robert Taylor Remarque

Eagles Prey by Robert Taylor Remarque

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Eagles Prey is a tribute to the 240 American pilots who made their way to England to volunteer to join the RAF during the Battle of Britain and on through the dark days of 1941. By the Spring of 1941 enough American pilots were battle hardened to form their own squadron No 71 RAF, to be followed later that year by 121 and 133 Squadrons.

In October and November 1941 the Eagles were the highest scoring squadron in the RAF. The volunteers made the ultimate sacrifice and one third of these exceedingly brave men were killed in a action.

The print illustrates action over Northern France in late 1941 with MkVb Spitfires of the Eagles downing an Me109. It is signed by five famous Eagle Squadron pilots, Carroll "Red" McColpin, Reade Tilley, Don Blakeslee, Jim Goodson and Oscar Coen.


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