Eagles Over the Rhine by Robert Taylor

Eagles Over the Rhine by Robert Taylor

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Eagles Over the Rhine portrays a group of P-51 Mustangs of the 353rtd Fighter Group making a celebratory low-level run over the Rhine following victory in Europe. Below is the town of Kaub south of Remagen with people in the streets as life returns to a more normal.

Eagles Over the Rhine is now a difficult print to find, this print was specially remarques as no remarques were issued on release. Some great signatures, it is signed by five famous P-51 pilots, Bud Mahurin, Don Blakeslee, William 'Dixie' Sloan, Arthur Fiedler and Clyde East.

Editions Available:

  • Double Remarque
  • Publishers Proof
  • Artist Proof

Print Size, 35" x 25"

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