Eagles on the Rampage by Robert Taylor

Eagles on the Rampage by Robert Taylor

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The Fourth Fighter Group which was formed from the RAF's Eagle squadron when America entered the war, was the most successful fighter group. The combined air and ground victories surpassed any other fighter group. With the Mustang it was the first fighter group to penetrate German airspace and the first to appear over Berlin.

Eagles on the Rampage is a tribute to the USAAF fighter pilots who flew the Mustang. It is signed by 10 Mustang Aces, Bud Anderson, Jim Brooks, Clyde East, Arthur Fiedler, Bob Karr, George Loving, Steve Pisanos, Don Strait, Barrie Davis and Don Cummingham.

American Aces Edition double Remarque, one of ten.

Print size, 30" x 27"

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