Doolittle Over the Beached by Robert Taylor Remarque

Doolittle Over the Beached by Robert Taylor Remarque

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Jimmy Doolittle the commander of the allied air forces participating in D-Day, flies over the Normandy beaches on D-Day. In the Summer of 1944 General Doolittle commanded the American 8th Air Force, the Mighty Eighth. On D-Day he unleashed 1,350 bombers and his entire fighter force to attack German ground installations on or near the beach head.

Jimmy Doolittle flew unaccompanied having lost his wingman up and down the battlefield assessing how the initial landings were going. After a two-and-a-half-hour sortie alone, this incredible brave leader headed home.

The print is signed by Robin Olds, Hubert Childress, Richard Ostronik, Mel Roalsvig and Richard Willsie. The print a remarqued D-Day portfolio print and comes with a matching numbered companion print "Double Trouble"

Print Size 37" x 23", companion print 19" x 15"

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