Desert Hawks by Robert Taylor

Desert Hawks by Robert Taylor

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The P 40 Curtiss Warhawk was Americas principle fighter up to Pearl Harbor. Renamed the Kittyhawk it was used extensively in North Africa where it was highly successful with the Australian fighter pilots of the RAAF.

No 3 Squadron RAAF was the first to achieve 100 victories and became the Squadron with the most air victories in the Deset Air Force. The print is signed by four RAAF Kittyhawk Aces, Nicky Barr, Booby Gibbes, Peter Jeffrey and Alan Rawlinson.

The Publishers Proof edition comes with a pencil companion print Desert Sharks one of which is matted with Clive Caldwell's signature.

Editions Available:

  • Remarque
  • Artist Proof with matted Desert Sharks companion and Caldwell Signature
  • Artist Proof with Desert Sharks Companion

Print Size, 33" x 24", matted piece 24" x 20"

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