Company of Heroes by Robert Taylor - "Aces Edition" # 88/100

Company of Heroes by Robert Taylor - "Aces Edition" # 88/100

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"Company of Heroes" is signed by pilots Rolland Whited who flew 34 missions and Robert Dees who flew 31 missions, both won the Distinguished Flying Cross. The "Aces Edition" of Company of Heroes an edition of only 100 and long sold out was issued with a leather bound matching number Air Combat Paintings, Masterworks Collection in a hard slip jacket.

Inside the book is a mounted bookplate signed by 21 of the most famous aviators including, Don Blakeslee, Hub Zemke, Bob Morgan, Henry Botterell, Bill Read, Norman Jackson, John Cunningham, Pete Brothers, Al Deere, Erich Hartman, Adolf Galland and Gunther Rall.

The Aces edition also includes two pencil matching number companion prints, "JG-26 at Audembert" signed by Hugo Dahmer a 57 victory Knights Cross Winner and "Baders Bus Company" signed by Tony Gaze an RAF ace who flew with Bader in the Tangmere Wing. 


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