Channel Dash by Robert Taylor

Channel Dash by Robert Taylor

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The battle cruisers Gneisenau and Scharnhorst and the cruiser Prinz Eugen with screening destroyers leave the French port of Brest through the English Channel to the relative safety of the Elbe Estuary. The air cover for the fleet was under the command of Adolf Galland, the success of the operation depending on the air cover which he brilliantly planned and executed. 

The only real attack came from six Fleet Air Arm Swordfish flying from Manston. These brave crew had little chance against the heavy air cover and anti-aircraft flak. All six were shot down with only 5 of the eighteen aircrew surviving.

This large remarqued print is signed by Luftwaffe pilot Adolf Galland, Gerhard Schopfel, Adolf Glunz and Kreigsmarine Captains Freidrich-Karl Paul and Gerd-Dietrich Schneider.

Also available is an Artist Proof with some localized small creases in the dark sea area of the print. These are only noticeable when the print is turned in the light. This would be a great print to frame.

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