Caught On the Surface by Robert Taylor

Caught On the Surface by Robert Taylor

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U-461 caught on the surface in the Bay of Biscay by a Sunderland, while heading for the safety of the U boat pens on the French Brest Peninsula.

The Sunderland crewed by a predominantly RAAF crew, drop seven depth charges that straddled U-461 blowing the ship apart. On seeing survivors in the water the Sunderland dropped a life dinghy to the surviving crew enabling them to escape the frigid water.

The print is signed by five of the crew of the Sunderland, Jock Rolland, Peter Jensen, Horrie Morgan, Gerald Watson and Robert Webster and four survivors from U-461, Wilhelm Hoffken, Helmut Roschinski, Gerhard Korbjuhn and Alois Momper.

The VC edition is also signed by John Alexander, Leonard Birchall and Edward Hale. It comes with a matching numbered companion print "Surface Action" which shows John Cruickshank's Costal Command Catalina sinking U-347. Although badly injured with two wounds to the lungs and ten penetration wounds in his lower body by gunfire from U-347, Cruickshank continued his attack.

With most of the crew injured and the bomb aimer dead Cruickshank had to release the depth charges himself, they straddled U-347 which sank. Cruickshank refused morphine to stay alert and get the Catalina back which he did. The action resulted in the reward of a much deserved VC. The companion print is signed by John Cruickshank.

Editions available:

  • VC Edition with companion print
  • Artist Proof
  • Limited Edition

Print sizes, main print 31" x 23"  companion 20" by 17"



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