Breaching the Eder Dam by Robert Taylor

Breaching the Eder Dam by Robert Taylor

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Following the breaching of the Mohne Dam, Guy Gibson leads the three remaining Lancaster's with bombs to the Eder Dam. The topography around the Eder Dam was very challenging with high ridges all around. Pilots Dave Shannon and Henry Maudsley struggled to align on the dam, both released their bombs, but the dam held.

The third and last remaining armed Lancaster flown by Les Knight failed to align for a correct bomb drop on the first run. The second bomb run was very favorable, the bomb hit with a tremendous explosion breaching the dam. Knight and his flight engineer Ray Grayston fought the controls to clear the dam and ridges.

The collector's edition print is signed by six, 617 Squadron crew who took part in the Dam raids. Ray Grayston, George Johnson, Les Munro, Fred Sutherland, Ken Lucas and Grant McDonald.

Editions Available:

  • Collectors Edition Artist Proof
  • Collectors Edition Limited Edition

Print Size 36" x 22"

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