Bomb Away by Robert Taylor

Bomb Away by Robert Taylor

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Bomb Away illustrates The Dambusters Attack on the Mohne Dam. Squadron leader Guy Gibson had made the first attack, but the dam wall held. The second to attack John Hopgood was hit by flak and his Lancaster crashed in a ball of flames behind the dam. Next up was Micky Martin in Lancaster AJ-P. As depicted Micky Martins releases his Barnes Wallace designed "Bouncing Bomb" at a height of 60 feet which explodes against the dam wall. The dam wall initially held but not for long.

The Publishers Proof Edition which is matted is signed by 9 Dambuster pilots and crew, Ray Grayston, George Johnson, Ken Lucas, Grant McDonald, Les Munro and Fred Sutherland. In the matting are the signatures of George Chalmers, Edward Johnson and Norman 'Spud' Boorer.

The Studio Proof Editions include everything in the Publishers Proof plus an additional three signatures in the matting, Micky Martin, Bill Townsend and Dave Shannon.

Editions Available:

  • Publishers Proof with nine signatures
  • Studio Proof with twelve signatures
  • Studio Proof Presentation Copy with twelve signatures

Size, 26" x 23"


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