Battle of Britain VC by Robert Taylor

Battle of Britain VC by Robert Taylor

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In August 1940 during the Battle of Britain James Nicholson was hit by four cannon shells, two of which severely wounded him and set his Hurricane on fire. While balling out Nicholson saw an Me110 cross in front of him, he immediately got back in his burning cockpit and shot the Me110 down while suffering significant burns. 

Nicholson was the only Battle of Britain or RAF Fighter Command pilot to be awarded a Victoria Cross (VC) during the Second World War. Nicholson went on to fight in the Pacific and was killed in action in 1945.  His VC is displayed in the Royal Airforce Museum, he is also remembered for his Pacific duty on the Singapore Memorial.

Editions Available are:

  • Remarque with 5 signatures
  • Extremely rare Hurricane Art Special Edition #21/30. This edition has some very rare Hurricane pilot signatures:
John Young - 249 Squadron (same Squadron as Nicholson)
Pat Hancock - 1 Squadron
Neville Duke - 92 Squadron
Bob Doe - 238 Squadron
Eric Knightly - With Nicholson when they crashed in 1945 (Knightly survived)
Bob Foster - 605 Squadron

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