America Strikes Back by Robert Taylor

America Strikes Back by Robert Taylor

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Robert Taylors America Strikes Back depicts Ken Taylor in his P40 Tomahawk downing his second "Val" fighter bomber. On the day that will go down in infamy, December 7th. 1941, two USAAF pilots Kenneth Taylor and George Welch manage to get airborne in their P-40 Tomahawks.

As Taylor later said there were 200 to 300 of them and only two of us. Before running low on fuel and ammunition, they downed a "Val" fighter bomber each. Landing at Wheeler field the ground crews turned them around fast. Back in the air they downed another four Japanese aircraft despite Taylor sustaining injuries to his leg and shoulder.

The print is signed by Ken Taylor, Tex Hill, William Dickman, Joe Moore and Earl Williams

Artist Proof available

Print size 30" x 24"

U.S. Pacific,
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