Aces of the Western Front by Robert Taylor

Aces of the Western Front by Robert Taylor

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Luftwaffe Me109’s in early 1941 following the Battle of Britain, were in constant action against the RAF on the Western Front particularly along the channel coast. The print shows a Staffel of 109’s flying over the coast of France with the ancient monastery Mont St. Michel in the background. The print is signed by, Adolf Galland, Hans Trautloft, Dieter Hrabak and Herbert Ihlefeld.

This Publishers proof 30/50 comes with companion print "Spitfires Over the Needles" which depicts RAF Spitfires turning to attack Me109's over the Needles, the rocks on the western shore of The Isle of Wight in the English Channel. The companion print is signed by four RAF Spitfire Aces, Paddy Bathropp, Des Sheen, George Unwin and Allan Wright.

Spitfire over the Needles is also available as a single print.

 Print size 36" x 25" companion Spitfires over the Needles 24"x 18"

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