American Clipper Spitfire

American Clipper Spitfire

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"Spitfire" one of the great American clippers, was designed to be very fast yet strong. The main trade was the tea trade, with a return journey to China from New York around the Cape of Good Hope entailing a 30,000-mile voyage. Speed was essential to cut the voyage time and land the new crop of tea first. During the gold rush starting in 1849 the clippers also made huge profits transporting people and goods to San Fransisco.

The print depicts Spitfire one of the greatest Clipper traders in Pagoda anchorage, Foochow, China. She is being loaded with tea destined for London a voyage she will complete in 113 days. The print comes with a companion print "Pagoda Anchorage".

Print Size, 33" x 24" companion 11" x 7"

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