Combat over London by Robert Taylor

Combat over London by Robert Taylor

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Combat over London a now difficult to find print with some great signatures. Spitfires of 92 Squadron RAF engage Me109's of JG -2 at high altitude over London during the Battle of Britain. From the earlier aerial combat over France and the English Channel it was apparent that in competent hands the Spitfire and Me109 were a match for each other. Victory was dependent on the pilots skills and sometimes luck.

With Goring growing more and more frustrated by the lack of progress in gaining air superiority during the Battle of Britain he switched his attention to London. With the River Thames far below a Spitfire and Me109 make a high speed pass at one another.

The print is signed by six great pilots from the Battle of Britain three Luftwaffe pilots, Johannes Steinhoff, Gunther Rall and Herbert Ihlefeld and three RAF pilots, Harbourne Stephen, James Leathart and Denys Gillam.

Editions Available:

  • Publishers Proof
  • Artist Proof
  • Limited Edition

Print Size, 36" x 26"

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