Stormbirds Over the Reich - Large Remarque

Stormbirds Over the Reich - Large Remarque

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Me262’s stalking USAAF B-26’s, ready to dive in with a rocket attack. The groundbreaking Me262 were armed with 24 R4M rockets and multiple cannons making them a fast and deadly adversary. The revolutionary Me262 had a top speed of 540mph in level flight significantly faster than anything then flying.

Speeding in to attack the USAAF B-26's from a height advantage of 6,000 ft the 262's will dive losing off 24 R4M rockets in a salvo, followed by a long burst of cannon fire before exiting the area.

The large remarqued print is signed by Adolf Galland, Walter Schuck and Erich Rudorffer, the most skilled Me262 pilots, members of JV 44, Squadron of Experts.

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