Normandy Nemisis

Normandy Nemisis

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A Spitfire Mk IX of 443 Squadron RCAF patrolling over Normandy turns in to attack a fW190, one of a group encountered over southern Normandy. Squadron Leaded Wally McLeod destroyed two Fw190 and one was badly damaged in the conflict.

The Spitfires had arrived with the 144 Canadian Wing to become the first fighter planes to operate on French soil on D-Day plus 9.

This is a remarque edition, the remarque is a separate original drawing. It also includes a cased Air Combat Paintings Volume VI with a signed bookplate. The bookplate is signed by fifteen premier pilots and leaders in WWII.

  • Erich Hartmann
  • Adolf Galland
  • Gunther Rall
  • Hub Zemke
  • Walter Mahurin
  • Bud Anderson
  • Robin Olds
  • Don Blakeslee
  • Bob Morgan
  • Leon Johnson
  • Norman Jackson
  • Bill Reid
  • Alan Deere
  • Johnnie Johnson
  • Don Kingaby

Print Size, 27" x 20", drawing size 13" x 11"

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