Knights of the Eastern Front by Robert Taylor

Knights of the Eastern Front by Robert Taylor

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"Knights of the Eastern Front" a tribute to JG-52 who fought through the war, starting with the Battle of France through the Battle of Britain and on to the Eastern Front where they scored enormous air combat victory counts.

The print portrays JG-52 the most successful fighter wing during WWII in action on the Russian Front with their Me109G slashing through a flight of Yak 9’s at speed. In often appalling conditions on the Eastern Front the JG-52 flew a tremendous number of missions. The Wing lost 678 of its aircrew while gaining over 10,000 victories with 67 pilots winning the Knights Cross or higher awards.

The print is signed by six of the Luftwaffe principle fighter aces who flew with JG-52, Erich Hartmann, Gunther Rall, Johannes Steinhoff, Walter Krupinski, Dieter Hrabak and Herbert Ihlefeld.

Two editions are available the Limited Edition (1 only left) and the Artist Proof Edition. 

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