Escort for the Straggler - Large Remarque

Escort for the Straggler - Large Remarque

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In April 1945 the RAF attacked the "Eagles Nest" Hitler's mountain top castle in Berchtesgaden, nearly a final gesture in the European Air War. The raid was made by over 300 Lancaster's the mainstay of Bomber Command six years of air combat in Europe.

The print depicts the heavily damaged Lancaster UL-M2, which is joined in the early morning sunlight by escorting Spitfires of 504 squadron. The Spitfires surround and protect the damaged and struggling Lancaster. The Lancaster UL-M2 completed 140 operational missions more than any other Lancaster. 

This large remarqued RAF edition is signed by Jim Bell, Sir Hugh Dundas, Laddie Lucas, Bill Reid, Ernest Rodley and Norman Scrivener.  

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