Chennaults Flying Tigers by Robert Taylor

Chennaults Flying Tigers by Robert Taylor

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Formed in 1941 following Pearl Harbor, a group of 100 recruited flyers and their support staff formed the American Volunteer Group (AVG). Lead by Claire Chennault the group blazed a trail in the skies over Burma and China, thwarting the Japanese attempt to strangle China by closing the Burma Road. The Burma Road really an unpaved treacherous track was the last supply line into China following the Japanese blockade and invasion.

The print depicts P-40 Tomahawks of Claire Chennault's American Volunteer Force (AVG) downing a Japanese aircraft. In their brief history before being absorbed into the U.S. Army Aircorps in 1942 the Flying Tigers destroyed more than 300 Japanese aircraft.

The print is signed by seven of the famous original AVG Aces, "Tex" Hill, Bob Neal, Dick Rossi, Erik Shilling, Bob Smith, Charles Older and Ed Rector.

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