Sales Leaflets and Brochures - Robert Taylor prints

Sales Leaflets and Brochures - Robert Taylor prints

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If you are looking for original documentation to complement your prints or collect RT leaflets or brochures describing the prints. We have a large collection of the sales leaflets and brochures issued with Robert Taylor prints to describe the prints. Typical pricing:

  • Older rare leaflets such as Broken Silence, JG52, Eagles High, Ace of Aces, Gathering of Eagles $30. Most other leaflets $20.
  • Brochures for high value prints such as Sting Black Tulip, Phantom Strike, Channel Dash, Impossible Mission, Birth of a Legend, Eagles at Dawn $20. Most other brochures $15.

Please contact me for a quote including shipping on your requirements, minimum order value of $50, payment through PayPal

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