Ramrod by John D Shaw - Publishers Proof double remarque

Ramrod by John D Shaw - Publishers Proof double remarque

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"Ramrod" outward bound a tribute to the Mighty 8th and to Bud Anderson. The print shows Bud Anderson in his P51-D Mustang "Old Crow" escorting B-17's of the Bloody 100th. Early allied fighters lacked the legs to escort the bombers' through the entire mission and thousands of B-17 and B-24 crewmen were being lost.

The introduction of the P-51 Mustang for the first time enabled escort missions know as "Ramrods" all the way to, and back from the targets. As mission success and numbers grew the Luftwaffe was ground down as air supremacy was achieved over Europe.

Bud Anderson was the highest scoring Ace in the 357th Fighter Group. The Publishers Proof print is signed by Bud Anderson and twelve additional Mustang pilots, including Urban Drew, Clyde Best, Jim Brooks and Steve Pisanos and two Luftwaffe pilots including Jorg Czypionka who flew the Me 262.

The remarques are of Bud Andersons Mustang "Old Crow" and Luftwaffe Me 262's

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