Phantom Strike - remarqued print by Robert Taylor

Phantom Strike - remarqued print by Robert Taylor

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Now nearly impossible to find "Phantom Strike" by Robert Taylor this ia an even rarer remarqued print with a large double sized remarque. This was specially commissioned and is print #1/10. 

Three F4 Phantoms streak away after attacking the steel mills at Thai Nguyen in North Vietnam. In the background is the infamous "Thud Ridge" mountain, as the Phantoms make their exit the valley is filled with 100, 85 and 57mm anti aircraft shell bursts.

The print is signed by Robin Olds an Ace in WWII in Europe who added to his total in the Vietnam War and Dan Lafferty a pilot who flew in the back seat to Robin in the raid on the Thai Nguyen mills.

This is a rare, very large double size remarque # 1/10.


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