Okinawa by Robert Taylor - Double remarque

Okinawa by Robert Taylor - Double remarque

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Okinawa - Towards The Bitter End by Robert Taylor, depicts rocket firing F4U Corsairs from VMF-221 based on the USS Bunker Hill. By March 1945 Iwo Jima had been taken and the battle in the Pacific mover to Okinawa the first province of Japan itself to be assaulted. The fighting was fierce with over 26,000 Marine casualties and the virtual annihilations of the Japanese garrison of 20,000 who refused to surrender with only 300 captured.

The print depicts Corsairs climbing after delivering a devastating rocket attack on Okinawa. The Task Force off Okinawa was under constant attack by Kamikaze the Corsairs were used in a dual role, ground attack in support of the advancing infantry and fighter support against incoming Kamikaze.

This is a double remarqued print # 1/10



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