Malta George Cross

Malta George Cross

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Malta critical to the Allies attacking Rommel’s supply lines to North Africa was continuously attacked by the Luftwaffe. In early 1942 Spitfires were flown of the decks of two Aircraft Carriers to the island’s airstrip enabling the first credible air defense of the Island. The print depicts Spitfires in combat over Malta against Me109’s defending Stuka dive bombers. In recognition of the sacrifices made by the Maltese people King George V1 awarded the whole island the George Cross.

The “Spitfire Edition” is signed by six pilots who flew Spitfires in Malta, Ken Evans, Ian Maclennan, Colin Parkinson, Jack Rae, Arthur Roscoe and Allan Scott.

The rare “George Cross Edition” is additionally signed by four pilots who in Malta, Bam Bamberger, Ivor Broom, Brian Hanafin and Keith Lawrence. It is accompanied by three signed companion prints “Faith Over Mdina” and “Night Eyes of Malta” and “HMS Illustrious” and a signed book “Malta Diary” from the wartime Malta diary of Flight Lieutenant Colin Parkinson. Truly an irreplaceable Malta collection.

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