Jagdfieber (Hunting Fever) by Heinz Krebs

Jagdfieber (Hunting Fever) by Heinz Krebs

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"Jagdfieber" During late 1944 the Luftwaffe introduced the revolutionary Me262 jet fighter. Due to the emerging Allied air superiority and shortages of material the 262 could only be deployed in small numbers.

The print depicts a P-38 Lightening and an Me262 in a high speed head on pass high above the Tyrolean Alps, as they start to turn into an aerial battle. The print is signed by three Luftwaffe pilots Walter Schuck, Eric Rudorffer and Hermann Buchner and three USAAF pilots, Richard Willsie, Francis Harris and Ed Baquet.

This print # 208 is the matching number to "Schach" the two would make a great framed pair.

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