Horrido by Robert Bailey - remarqued

Horrido by Robert Bailey - remarqued

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"Horrido" by Robert Bailey shows Me109's at high altitude to engage Mustangs escorting B-17s attacking German oil targets. On May 28th 1944 a record force of over 1,282 heavy bombers accompanied by 1,200 fighters attacked the German oil installations.

The Luftwaffe could only sortie 300 fighters in response, but the leading wings of bombers were hit hard. The high altitude Me109's were specially camouflaged in light blue for their role.

The print is signed by Horst Petzschler and Oscar Boesch who both flew high altitude Me109's in the final year of the war. The remarque is of a high altitude Me109 with a drop tank to allow for extended flying time prior to contact.

Brochure but no COA with this print, will vouch for its authenticity.

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