Fourth Fighter Patrol by Robert Taylor - Multi signed print

Fourth Fighter Patrol by Robert Taylor - Multi signed print

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"Fourth Fighter Patrol" shows P-51 Mustangs of the Fourth Fighter Group on a sweep in Northern France, clearing the way ahead of incoming B-17's. The print was originally signed by four Mustang Aces who flew with Eagle Squadron as volunteers before joining the Fourth Fighter Group, James Goodson, Don Blakeslee, Jim Clark and Chesley Peterson.

This print has been additionally signed by a further twenty Mustang pilots:

  • Kit Carson
  • Robin Olds
  • Jim Brooks
  • Urban Drew
  • Herschel Green
  • Steve Pisanos
  • William Allen
  • Willie Anderson
  • Bob Barkay
  • Joe Bennett
  • Gerald Brown
  • Richard Dunkin
  • Arthur Fielder
  • Bob Goebel
  • Walter Goehausen
  • Edwin Heller
  • Sandy McCorkel
  • Laurence Powell
  • Dasle Spencer
  • Bob Wehrman

Impossible to find a print with all these signature, a piece of history. The print was acquired many years ago from the collection of Greg Dortch who spent years attending Fighter Group and Squadron reunions to collect the signatures. Greg also took great care of the print which remains in mint condition.      


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