Dambusters Impossible Mission by Robert Taylor

Dambusters Impossible Mission by Robert Taylor

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Dambusters the Impossible Mission portrays the famous raid by the Dambusters of 617 squadron led by Guy Gibson on the Mohne, Sorpe, Ennepe and Eder dams in May 1943. Utilizing the "Bouncing Bomb" developed by Barnes Wallis Dinghy Young brings his Lancaster down to 60 feet to release his bomb towards the Mohne Dam.

The mighty Mohne dam was breached as was the Eder dam, causing flooding down through the Ruhr valley. The cost in flight crews was high with losses at the dams and on the flight home.

The Limited Edition is signed by Ray Grayston and George Johnson the Collector’s Edition is additionally signed by Les Munro, Fred Sutherland, Grant McDonald, Beck Parsons and Ken Lucas, we only have one Collectors edition left.

One Limited Edition and one Collectors edition only left


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