Eagles at Dawn by Robert Taylor - Artist Proof

Eagles at Dawn by Robert Taylor - Artist Proof

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"Eagles at Dawn" by Robert Taylor the second print released by Robert Taylor in the Hartmann Trilogy series. Eric Hartmann’s Me109G scrambles with his squadron on a cold Winter dawn as snow begins to fall late in the war in Czechoslovakia. Their mission to intercept waves of Russian Bombers and Fighters as the Russian stem roller moves towards final victory in Germany. The print is signed by Eric Hartmann, there were only twenty Artist Proof prints issued.

The “Comrades Edition” is signed by Eric Hartmann and an additionally seven Luftwaffe Aces of JG-52 and JG-53 who flew with Eric Hartmann, Helmut Bennemann, Heinz Ewald, Helmut Heckes, Werner Hohenberg, Friedrich Schelker, Gunther Seeger and Franz Woidich. There were only thirty Artist Proof of this multi signed print issued.

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