Assault on the Capital "Millennium Proof" by Robert Taylor

Assault on the Capital "Millennium Proof" by Robert Taylor

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Assault on the Capital "Millennium Proof" edition includes the main print Assault on the Capital and a companion matching number pencil print "Battle Over Dover". The main print shows the first major raid on London on September 7th 1940 which caused huge fires and terrific damage to the London docks. Fighter command scrambled 21 squadrons to meet the raid.

This marked the Luftwaffe change in tactics from attacking RAF airfield to attacking London. This tactical change is said to have cost the Luftwaffe the Battle of Britain. The print depicts Ju88's escorted by Me109E's coming under attack by Hurricanes of RAF 242 squadron.


The Millennium Proof Edition is signed by seventeen Luftwaffe pilots including many famous Luftwaffe pilots who fought in the Battle of Britain, Adolf Dickfeld, Heinz Lange, Gunther Rall, Ernst- Wilhelm Reinert, Erich Rudorffer, Helmut Bennemann, Hans-Ekkehard Bob, Alfred Grislawski, Herbert Kaiser, Eduard Neumann, Edmund "Paule" Rossmann and Gunter Seeger.

The companion print "Battle Over Dover" depicts Heinkel III's crossing the English coast at Dover with the Port below, escorted by Me109's as they come under attack by Spitfires and Hurricanes of RAF Fighter Command.



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