Cloud Companion by Robert Taylor

Cloud Companion by Robert Taylor

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Lancaster bombers and Mosquitos would often take off from the same airfields to attack the same targets. The Mosquitos taking off after the Lancaster's and returning a lot faster. Over the target they never gave an inch to support each other from Luftwaffe Night Fighters.

Often on the return damaged Lancaster's would lose their Squadron companions. The bond between the Lancaster and Mosquito crews being strong the Mosquitos would often throttle back to ride shotgun over their damaged companions. This was often enough to ward off Luftwaffe fighters looking for an easy kill.

This print is unique in being signed by a complete Lancaster crew led by Pilot Bill Reid VC., Navigator - John Costello, Bomb Aimer - Len Sumpter, Flight Engineer - Lyndon Sims, Signaller/Gunner - Roly Hammersley, Mid Upper Gunner - Fred Coney and Rear Gunner - Howie Wing.

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