First Boots On The Ground by William Phillips

First Boots On The Ground by William Phillips

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"First Boots On The Ground" a tribute to the heroic soldiers at the Battle of Ia Drang Vietnam, November 14th 1965.  UH-1 Huey assault helicopters land 1st Battalion 7th Cavalry troops at LZ X-Ray. The battle was the first major engagement for US troops in Vietnam and the first use of airmobile attack.

450 Americans had dropped into a fighting force of 2,000 Vietnamese. Although the situation quickly deteriorated, the Cavalry fought through it to win.

The print is signed by the command team (First boots on the ground) depicted on the print, Lt. Gen. Harold (Hal)  Moore, Lt. Col. Bruce Crandell (MOH), Master Sgt. Basil Plumley and radio operators Bob Ouellette and Al Bosse.

The combat was recounted in the award winning book " We Where Soldiers Once" by Hal Moore 



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