Eagles Out of the Sun

Eagles Out of the Sun

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A tribute to Luftwaffe fighter pilots who if they survived flew throughout WWII. The print is signed by the top Luftwaffe leaders and aces including, Adolf Galland, Alfred Grislawski, Dieter Hrabak, Walter Krapinski, Eduard Neumann, Fredrich Obleser, Gunther Rall, Erich Rudorffer, Walter Schuck, Jonannes Steinhoff, Hannes Trautloft, Walter Wolfrum.

The “Generals Edition” in addition to Eagles Out of The Sun includes a matching numbered companion print “Night Hunters” depicting Me110 night fighters climbing into the night sky. The print is signed by six leading night fighter pilots and radar operators critical to the intercepts, Martin Drews, Hans-Joachim Jabs, Werner Hoffman, Fritz Rumplehart, Dieter Schmidt-Barbo and Eric Weissflog.

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