A Time for Heroes by Robert Taylor

A Time for Heroes by Robert Taylor

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“A Time for Heroes” shows Mk 1 Spitfires of 234 Squadron, which was 10 Groups top scoring Squadron. The Spitfires are returning to their Airfield in St. Eval in Cornwall after intercepting Luftwaffe raids on south coast ports in September 1940, the height of the Battle of Britain.

In the background is the imposing St. Michaels Mount a castle built on the tidal island to defend the West of England from raiders on the site of a Monastery originally dating back to the 12th Century.

The Battle of Britain Edition is signed by Bob Doe, Tom Dolton Morgan and George "Grumpy" Unwin

The Fighter Pilots Edition includes the companion print “Preparing for Action" and is additionally signed by Neville Duke, John Freeborn, Mike Crosley. John Squier, Peter Meadway and Mahinder Pujji

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