Knights Cross by Robert Taylor - Double Remarque

Knights Cross by Robert Taylor - Double Remarque

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Erich Hartmann flying an ME109 has closed on a Russian Ilyushin II, setting it on fire with the crew readying to bail out. The Me109 and Ilyushin are set against an incredible sky scape high above the Russian Steeps. To gain his victory Hartmann closed to within 100 yards of the Ilyushin II ignoring the stream of bullets from the rear facing machine gunner.

Hartmann possessed supreme flying skills and had the courage to close in tight to enemy aircraft at speed to gain his victories. An effective but dangerous strategy with Hartmann crashing fourteen times due to debris from enemy aircraft bringing his down. His total of 352 aerial victories is a record that is never likely to be beaten.

The remarque and print are by Robert Taylor, this is an early RT remarque and unusual in illustrating a combat scene with an Me109 downing an Ilyushin II.

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